Custom Lighting

LED Lighting

Custom LED Lighting

Our experienced team of lighting specialists will work with you to create a solution that will improve the visibility and safety of your equipment and staff during low-light operations, such as underground mining or night work.

Step 1 - The Design

Liaise with client on the quantity of light required, what area is to be lit up and planned operation for each item of plant. Carry out a light design and send through to client and adjust where necessary until client approves. From this we can determine beam styles to be used and provide a light diagram showing lux levels. Quote lighting brand options to meet desired budget.

Step 2 - Site Visit

Travel to site and measure up machine to fabricate adaptor brackets. Brackets can be designed to take other items, such as aerials, Collision Avoidance System (CAS), reverse cameras, flashing lights, reverse beacons etc. It is AMA Maintenance’s goal to have as many light fittings use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) mounting positions, therefore it is a simple operation of bolting on adaptor brackets, lights and connect to original harnesses where possible. From this kits can be made and the same products dispatched – every time providing client with a professional fitting light solution. Electrical system analysed and determine wiring upgrade requirement if necessary.

Step 3 - Production

Draw all adaptors brackets before manufacture, send drawings to client for approval on mounting positions. Once approval and a Purchase Order is received all brackets are manufactured to drawing design.

Step 4 - Installation

Either send the kit to client (if supply only) or (if supply and install) we will take kit out and install on an agreed date with client. Installation includes any wiring upgrades, alternator upgrades etc

Documentation Provided
Provide Client with As Built documentation on lights, positions, brackets, light angles and power consumption

Looking for pre-made lighting solutions?

We offer a wide range of pre-made lighting solutions that are each designed to fit a specific purpose. Click the button below to find out more and browse our lighting options.

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