Asset Management

Asset Management

Specialists in Understanding and Forecasting Asset Costs

We provide our clients with an experienced asset management team, all with more than 20 years’ experience in these roles. The team at AMA believe strongly in predictive and preventative maintenance rather than the costly breakdown maintenance.  Our expertise in this area lies in continuous improvement through process and strategy reviews to develop and implement plans to maximise the performance of the assets over their life cycles.

Our asset management service includes:

Creating KPI's to help reach your goals.

Our team will work with companies on what they are looking for, help guide to achieve business goals and agree on a set of KPI’s before any job starts. Our approach is to first watch and understand what, who, how, when and why current tasks are being undertaken. Obtain a complete understanding to be able to identify key areas for improvement, troubleshooting problem areas, introduce new and innovative practices, all the while maintaining and further developing a safe working environment.

Why choose us?

We're tried & tested

We do not believe in re-inventing the wheel because we have been asked to. Sometimes a tried and tested method just needs fine tuning. Once an action plan is agreed upon and approved, we will work with our clients for best operation and financial outcomes.

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